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Laura asks another question, next day

Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 6:04 AM
Subject: RE: NRP et al questions


The City of Cleveland's own website states:


The Near West Committee does not review projects in the following designated Local Landmarks Districts: (these districts are reviewed by separate local committees advisory to the Landmarks Commission)

  • Brooklyn Centre Historic District
  • Franklin-West Clinton Historic District
  • Gordon Square Historic District
  • Lorain Avenue Historic District
  • Market Square Historic District
  • Ohio City Historic District
  • Tremont Historic District

So, why was NRP proposal submitted to Near West?


From: Brian J. Cummins [mailto:BrianJCummins@earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 6:27 PM

Subject: FW: NRP et al questions


 FYI – see communications below.  Our office had asked about a month ago for the City along with NRP to provide for a one or two page summary of the utility infrastructure issues (current conditions and planned work).

 I've also cc:ed Tim and Gloria here so they are aware of this further elaboration.

 Apart from Tim's questions about a few other issues, I know that the infrastructure and historic ravine and stream are a principal concern of yours.

 My understanding in speaking with Nora, is that there was never an engineered culverting of the old creek/ravine, but that historically the ravine was filled in and then built over, i.e., Fern Court, portions of the tennis courts, etc…  The siting of the new project apparently impinges slightly on areas where the creek and ravine ran, although the design and engineering was done to minimize the placement of the building in these areas.

 Additionally, as I indicate below, NRP has plans to install a storm water retention system that would hold stormwater run off and control the flow into the City sewer system that runs down Denison Avenue so as not to have an increasing load on the system.  I believe their plans and specs actually lower the stormwater run off loads in terms of peak storms, but Nora and NRP staff have been instructed to provide a summary document that addresses that issue.

 In any case, please feel free to call or reply back with any other questions you may have and I will ensure that NRP as well as the City Administration are involved in answering concerns.


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