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a cursory response



From: Brian J. Cummins
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 4:02 PM
Subject: RE: NRP et al questions




Here is a cursory response to your points.  As mentioned in an earlier e-mail we'll be pulling together summary information from NRP as well as the City Departments involved within a week. 






Here is some information regarding the Near West Committee, this is taken off the Planning Commission's web site.  The legislation for these new District Committee was passed in February 2009.   Any further details regarding the formation (membership/policy/process) of the specific district committees can be addressed from the Planning Commission.


This region includes the following Design Review Districts:

·         Clark-Metro Design Review District

·         Old Brooklyn Design Review District


City Planning Staff

George Cantor   216 664-3807   gcantor@city.cleveland.oh.us


Committee Members

1.       Carol Schiro, Resident-Graphic Designer (Chair)

2.       Damian Henri, Architect

3.       Abe Bruckman, Planner

4.       George Hohlakis, Local Business Representative

5.       Reggie Clark, Realtor

6.       Eric Lutzo, Local Business Representative

7.       Mark Duluk, Architect   John Rakauskas, Architect

8.       John Gallagher, Local Business Representative

9.       Wendy Harbaugh, Architect (Alt)


Agendas are available at:



The NRP Group



Nora can confirm what can be provided in terms of what corporate information Community Development has regarding The NRP Group.


The NRP Group was founded in September, 1995 by Alan F. Scott, T. Richard Bailey and J. David Heller.  They are involved in the development of single-family, multi-family and senior housing, and commercial and retail properties.


As Nora indicated in her email, NRP has had to compete for the funding they've obtained for the project.  We can provide a summary breakdown of the public subsidy amounts and sources.



No-Compete Development?


So, to your third point of dealing with a no-compete project, all the public financing this project has/potentially will receive has been done competitively by federal HUD and potentially other regulations.  Again, Nora can assist with elaboration of the amounts, sources and regulatory bodies.



1.       Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA)

2.       Ohio Housing Trust Fund

3.       City of Cleveland Community Development Department
Housing Trust Funds award for the Denison Elderly Project


Let me know if there are other questions you have and we'll either respond as we can or include the requests in the information being aggregated.





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