Saturday, September 25, 2010

Foster Pointe Senior Apartment Homes



The architectural sketcher forgot to put in the air-conditioning units, the meters, and the pipes obtrusively displayed all around the outside of these cheap and nasty units hastily thrown up on lower Denison, on top of where the dump used to be. There was a design review committee convened hastily to wipe this monstrosity off on Denison Avenue and Brooklyn Centre, and I wonder whether they actually approved the thoughtless, tacky design that has all the internal systems externalized. Speaking of externalizations that are truly unfortunate, the exterior lighting is incredibly out of step with the surroundings as well. It would be appropriate for a prison yard, and not much else.

Here is the hastily assembled design review committee for this NRP project. Make sure you call or write them to thank them for their efforts over here, but ask them if they really think this is as much of an affront to the community as we do. It cheapens our efforts here; some of us have been working at it for 30 years or more. To our knowledge, not one of these people lives in Brooklyn Centre or has real property holdings in that area. Reggie Clark has conflicts of interest in that he worked to get paid by bringing the NRP deal to fruition, by hook or by crook, and yet is shameless enough to sit on the committee doing final design approval.

George Cantor   216 664-3807

Committee Members

Carol Schiro, Resident-Graphic Designer (Chair)
Damian Henri, Architect

Abe Bruckman, Planner
Eric Lutzo, Local Business Representative

Reggie Clark, Realtor
John Rakauskas, Architect

Mark Duluk, Architect
Wendy Harbaugh, Architect (Alt)

John Gallagher, Local Business Representative

Foster Pointe Senior Apartment Homes

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