Saturday, September 25, 2010

Foster Pointe Affordable Senior Apartment Homes Coming Summer 2010 To Cleveland, Ohio

Here is the buzz on the Foster Pointe (where did that “e” come from?) slab construction built over the dump. The next question is, how affordable is affordable, and what was the cost per unit of this cheaply built senior warehousing facility?

Remember, these days, with enough foam filler and other insulation, even trailers or a box or a van down by the river can technically qualify for the green awards.

FosterPointe Foster Pointe Senior Homes, a 61-unit three story affordable senior development located in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood on Cleveland’s west side, announced that it will be ready for occupancy mid-summer 2010.  Brooklyn Centre is a walkable neighborhood with a number of parks including the renowned Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. The community’s units boast one and two-bedroom efficient floor plans that connect kitchen and living room areas to create a large, open living space, with all floor plans providing a breakfast bar.  Foster Pointe includes numerous environmentally friendly development features, including upgraded insulation, energy efficient windows, Energy Star appliances and an advanced light package.  Foster Pointe exceeds the Enterprise Green Community Program Standards, a national standard for green and environmentally healthy affordable housing.

“We’ve been incorporating green components for several years and that includes Energy Star certification for many of NRP properties. We are attempting to improve the quality of people’s lives and not charge them extra for it,” says Aaron Pechota, Vice President Development, The NRP Group.

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Foster Pointe Affordable Senior Apartment Homes Coming Summer 2010 To Cleveland, Ohio


  1. Today is September 30th 2010...there are only 9 units leased, and word on the street is "THEY" are going to combine Foster Point ... part of the Riverside Cemetery and the Denison park...behind Horizon school. JUST WHAT ARE "THEY" doing behind CLOSED DOORS...that, should be PUBLIC???

  2. What are the lease rates on these things--price, term, deposit, and so forth?

    Part 2--where did you hear about "they"?

    Who are our councilpeople in this affected area these days?

  3. Cool! An environment-friendly apartment! I have never heard something before. My brother uses green panels to save energy in his NYC short term apartment. Now I can see the need for green conservation to heal the earth. My brother did influence me with his vacation apartment (rentals). New York City also has green projects to support the Green Campaign. It feels good that a lot of people are now aware of the need to revive our planet.